About our studio

5IVESIS is a company, which produces “Precious Metal Wares” under the brand names “5IVE SIS”.

The hidden meaning of “5IVE SIS” is from the fact that the founder’s family has five sisters and everyone adore precious accessories and decorative items. “5IVE SIS” products mainly are pewter products which are considered to be in the category of “Fine” quality with the core composition being tin in the amount of 97% with the rest being 3% of copper and antimony. This remarks our pewter products’ food storage categories as lead-free and being safe. Moreover, our products are effectively done with great handicraft and design. Other products’ materials from “5IVE SIS” are chiefly composed of silver, brass and bronze which are the highest qualities.

What is Pewter

“Pewter” is derived from a combination of metals with the primary metal being tin, which comes from the same line of metallic minerals such as gold and silver.

The characteristic of tin is polished and shining when viewed, which is why this product called pewter turned into a very demanding and popular product among royalties in Europe throughout history because of its value, excelling the status of the beholder of pewter.

In addition, tin is the type of metallic minerals that does not have any form of toxic material hazardous to the human body and in turn can be used as a container for keeping food or storage used daily. In order for a container or a product to be used in a daily basis requires a minimum of 85% tin and the rest of the composition includes copper, antimony, and other materials. “Pewter” can be categorized into 3 types

“Fine” : used as containers for putting food in, with the composition of 96% of tin at least, and also copper that does not have lead in it.

“Trifle” : used as containers for putting food in but has a characteristic of being less glowing and shiny compared to the “fine” quality because of the decrease in tin, which uses only 92% tin and the rest is 4% of copper and 4% of lead.

“Lay” or “laymetal” : cannot be used for purposes of putting food in because of the composition of lead as higher than 15%.